Client Testimonial

"We have been dealing with the Progressive Livestock team since it started in 1999... Progressive Livestock meet our expectation every time."

Dylan & Sheree Ditchfield

Progressive Team - Guarantee of Success

Our Sale and Purchase Process

At Progressive Livestock procedure for buying and selling dairy cattle is robust and straight-forward. 

Progressive Livestock believes in being accountable to its clients and that means being upfront and transparent about the way we do business. That is because our clients business successes directly affect us.

We help them make sound decisions on their livestock needs and source the very best cattle, help sell their stock when required, and undertake advance planning and budgeting for all possible scenarios.

Because we are paid by commission for the successful transaction of livestock from one client to another, our core business is their core business.  This often means we learn a lot of commercially sensitive information about our client's business.  Be assured, at Progressive Livestock confidentiality is paramount and the trust given to us to help build business is never undermined – anything you share with us is not disclosed to ANYONE else!

Honesty Session

At the start of all our business relationships we meet to have an “honesty session”. These sessions are invaluable for all parties as it is an opportunity to discuss our clients needs, aspirations and budget and it is also a time for us to share how we do business. There is no obligation to do business with us after a session and all client information is kept confidential.

Buying livestock through us

Your Progressive Livestock agent will be working hard for you. The standard service includes:                                                                                       
Prior to Purchase
  • Source and identify cows of suitable breed, quality and price.
  • Provide a review of the history of the herd including breeding, production, feeding regimes, stocking rates and length of walks to shed.
  • Obtain previous years herd tests to confirm production and cell counts, including those for cows that may have been introduced to the herd after the previous lactation.
  • Ensure all herd information, profiles, herd tests, scanning and calving information is available for assessment  prior to selection day.
  • Negotiate the terms of sale on your behalf and prepare a robust sale and purchase contract.

On Selection Day

  • Facilitate the viewing of cows.
  • Ensure that only cows that fit the contract criteria are present and challenge any cows that do not fit the criteria.
  • Accurately record all selected cows. This means comparing the cows offered for selection with the original herd information to ensure there are no anomalies.
  • Negotiate the terms of the sale and purchase agreement.

 After Selection Day

  • Monitor the cows at regular intervals to ensure the conditions of the contract are being met.
  • Plan transport to ensure the purchasers contractual obligations are met.
  • Facilitate a pre-delivery inspection to check the condition and soundness of the cows and obtain all scanning certificates and Lepto certificates.
  • Organize independent assessments of condition and soundness when there may be disagreement.
  • Check delivered tallies with charged tallies.

Selling livestock through us

Prior to Sale

As a vendor’s agent we will prepare herd information and records into a form that can be presented to the market for sale. With this information we actively seek potential purchasers through all dairy industry networks. We negotiate the terms of sale on the vendor’s behalf and prepare a robust sale and purchase contract.

On Selection Day

  • Ensure all herd records are up-to-date and only cows that meet contract conditions are presented for selection.
  • Accurately record all cows selected on the day.

After Selection Day

  • Regularly monitor cow condition until delivered to the purchaser to ensure the terms of the contract are being met.
  • Receive and forward all herd tests, scanning results and calving information on to the purchaser.
  • Ensure all pregnancy and Lepto certificates are provided to the purchaser.
  • Communicate to the purchaser’s agent any health issues that affect the herd prior to delivery.
  • Accurately record the cows that leave the property on departure day.