NAIT (National Animal Identification & Tracing)  system is obligatory for all cattle since 1 July 2012. To help New Zealand farmers, our clients, to smoothly enter the "uncharted waters" and comply with the new Industry regulations, on 18 July 2012 Progressive Livestock Ltd became an Accredited by NAIT Information Provider and Entity. This allows us to conduct our own livestock auction sales which we successfully do at Stratford at busy calf sale times and Otorohanga, as well as other auctions. 

We can advise you regarding correct tagging of your stock, scanning procedure and processing the animals in the NAIT system (registering / de-registering stock, transferring it from one NAIT location to another, etc).

Just talk to your Progressive Livestock agent or one of our office staff and learn how.

Please note if you wish to engage us in the NAIT information providing services, you will need to sign Information Provider Service Agreement with us which you can find on this page.
Note: TB slaughter levy is changing from 1 August 2016. Animal Type, Farm Type & Tag Type are key  factors. Please read Useful Info (above).