Capital Stock Mixed Aged Hinds


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Date Listed: 19 August 2020



  • Looking to sell an even spread of all age groups, approx. 350 out of 750 hinds to sell.
  • Hinds mostly 2-8 years old (thinks oldest about 2012)
  • Older ones (6/7/8 year olds) in calf to B11 ex Peel Forest, some Wapiti/Elk sires. Rest in calf to Forrester, Toby & Jeff maternal red types ex Peel Forest.
  • All reds hinds by the look of it no hybrid types have been kept. Bloodlines up to about 2014 were Donald Hudson. Since then all Peel Forest maternal types.
  • Seem to have reasonable temperament in yards, settled but not too settled that you have to push them everywhere.
  • Ben estimates his hinds to be 120kgLW on average. A bit of variation and would expect maybe 110 to 135kg animals in there.
  • Nice type and would produce a good weaner whether they went to a red or Wapiti sire.
  • Kills some yearlings late September, everything killed pre Christmas. Getting more velvet since he has moved to the Peel Forest sires.
  • 3.5% drys in mixed age and I think he said none in the R2 hinds which is pretty exceptional.
  • Condition of hinds was pretty good across the lot for this time of year, some slightly lighter ones (but nothing bad noted either). Photos may look a little mixed with some hair missing on some animals but bare in mind that these deer have been on crop and yarded a few times recently for Tb testing.
  • 120kgLW should give a carcass weight of 63.6kg minimum. At $6.40 this week kill value approx. $407/head (probably lose $25 in levies). Contracts next week valued at $7 - $7.30/kg. Max meat value of those animals in the next month may be around $458. Most scanned in calf hinds sell for $100-$150 above meat value depending on age and what theyre in calf too etc. My opinion is a value around $550/head is probably pretty fair, in the current season I think you may struggle to get any more than that but if its much less than that hell be better to get the fawns himself and revisit a sale price at weaning.

Sales Conditions

  • Number for Sale: 350

  • Price: $520.00