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"We’ve found the team at PLL deliver a thoroughly professional service. They sourced the cows we needed as well as handling the sales of our dairy livestock"

Hamish & Kathleen English


Dairy Grazing as NZ Dairy Support Industry

Progressive Livestock Ltd understands that in order for dairy livestock business to run smoothly, every aspect of dairy farming  should be attended to. Therefore, we pay a great deal of attention to dairy support and have a strong, clever contingent of grazing agents on board. With combined years of experience and good local knowledge they have built an extensive portfolio of some of the South Island's best graziers who are responsible, caring and fair.                                              
Long or short-term grazing arrangements can be made for your calves, rising 2 year old heifers or carry over cows. These can be tailored to your needs, with an option of a flat rate or a weight gain bonus contract. Our team can also help you with the daunting task of feeding your cows during the winter.

For the stock owner's peace of mind animals on grazing are monitored on a regular basis. The weighing system, if chosen, ensures that the stock is doing well, and if not, corrective measures are implemented at the earliest stage possible.

Business relationship between a grazier and a stock owner is regulated by our robust Grazing Contract drawn specially for your particular needs (i.e. May to May Heifer Grazing, Winter Grazing, etc). The Contract also outlines responsibilities of the agent involved. This ensures that everyone is pulling their weight in doing the right thing for the stock and in building mutual success.

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