Links & Documents

The documents and links below are a useful resource. Please feel free to make use of them or contact an agent today to discuss how we can help.

PL Terms of Sale

Our detailed terms and conditions for all sales.

Client Details Form

If you are a new client or your details have changed, please complete this form and return to our office.

Information Provider Service Agreement

If you require us to transfer NAIT records for you this form needs to be completed first to give us the authorisation to act on your behalf.

Weather Zone

Up to date weather reports for your region.

Direct Debit Authority Form

Direct Debit is an easy way of making payments to us without missing due dates and incurring late payment penalties. By completing this form you can give us authority for deduct your payment on the due date from your nominated bank account.

Animal Status Declaration Form

This form is required to be completed by the vendor for all sales.


Compliance with NAIT (National Animal Identification and Tracing) requirements are obligatory for all cattle movements in New Zealand.


Progressive Livestock packaged together several lines of cows to give us a quality herd inside our budget when we first converted to dairy 6 years ago. They have been a valuable member of our team of professionals ever since, often thinking outside the square when it comes to making deals happen.

Evan & Maxine Chisnall, Hinds, Mid Canterbury doublecoderight