New Zealand bred dairy cattle is some of the most prestigious in the world and demand for our cows is at an all-time high.


Progressive Livestock receives regular inquiries and buying orders from clients all over New Zealand. We have clients who are looking at dairy conversions and clients who are keen to improve the genetics of their existing herd. So if you have cows for sale we will work hard to get you the best price.

We are actively looking to BUY DAIRY LIVESTOCK NOW and plan purchases up to two years in advance.

To learn more about our purchase process Click Here or Contact Us to discuss.

We are buying:

  • Mixed Age Cows
  • Rising 3-Year-Old Cows
  • Carry Over Cows
  • In-Calf Heifers
  • 1-Year-Old Heifers
  • Bulls
  • Friesian, Jersey, Crossbreed Cattle WANTED!

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